Media Production

We can help you create branded audio-visual content in all its forms – from video, photography, design, to motion graphics – to be used in conjunction with our marketing strategies for highest impact.


Video Production

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and that’s because video content has one of the highest engagement rates and traffic compared to other digital marketing formats.

Merely participating in video marketing is one thing, but being able to stand out in a sea of online content is another. We are a creative agency that places heavy focus on video production and visual storytelling, and we strive to tell your story in the most compelling, most memorable way.



Photography is one of the most effective and important ways to showcase your brand and products. Whether you want candid, natural photos or meticulous, intentional imagery, we can create striking photographs either on-location or in our studio. We work well in a wide range of visual styles and genres, producing and retouching highly refined images for your business, no matter what industry you're in.


Graphic Design

A consistent design language is crucial in maintaining your brand's visual identity across all your touchpoints, from website to social media to print material. Our designers can adapt to your existing visual identity or create a fresh new look for your brand, delivering bespoke compositions or reusable assets.


Motion Graphics

Whether you're in need of a motion graphic advertisement to catch your audience's eyes, or a logo animation to add some extra flair to your brand, we can lend a hand. We produce 2D and 3D motion design projects that range from highly stylized visuals to photo-realistic scenes.

Case Study


A Lululemon-sponsored short doc chronicling the story of 2x Team Canada Paralympic Snowboarder John Leslie.

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